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17.01.2019 / Администратор

Warmth and care on the eve of the holiday

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the Chairman of the regional organization of the public Association “Belarusian peace Fund” Angela Mikhailovna Novikova visited the Department of day care for the disabled institution “Cherikov district center of social services.” Читать далее…

17.01.2019 / Администратор

Invention as a lifestyle

Already for the 16th time young craftsmen presented their inventions at the annual city scientific and technical creativity competition”, Which, according to tradition, was held at the faculty of physics and information technology of the state University. Читать далее…

17.01.2019 / Администратор

Child support is our priority!

In the framework of the campaign “Our children” Lida district social and pedagogical center was visited by a member of the Council of Republic of National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Chairman of the regional Council of deputies Inessa Belush, Chairman of the Lida regional organization of NGO “Belarusian peace Foundation” Victor Miranzo and General Director of OJSC “Lida milk plant” Andrei Eisymont. On the eve of new year’s holidays, guests came to the children not empty-handed, but with sweet gifts. Читать далее…

16.01.2019 / Администратор

Cup PROвинции — for real Champions!

Lepel district Department of the Belarusian peace Foundation sponsored the XXII open Republican intellect-ring “Cup of the province” – the winner of the Republican prize “BLIK” in the nomination “School tournament of the season”. Читать далее…

10.01.2019 / Администратор

The action “Our children” was held at Certosina

On the eve of one of the most long – awaited, magical and good holidays-the New year, in the district House of culture with the support of the district Executive power, as well as employees of the center for children and youth, the district House of culture, in the framework of the Republican charity event “Our children” was organized charity event. Читать далее…

09.01.2019 / Администратор

With peace and good in the New year!

As part of the traditional charity event “Our children” in the city of Gorki was a festive event “with the worlds and good in the New year!”, gathered at the Christmas tree children with special needs of psychophysical development and their parents. Читать далее…