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14.07.2018 / Администратор

Campground “Krynichka-2018”!

They say that friends are known in trouble. The participants of the 26th change of the international tent camp of the friendship of Slavic peoples’ children “Krynichka” experienced this folk wisdom on themselves.

This season has become for 240 young Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians an examination for the strength of friendship and mutual assistance. And we can proudly say that they have withstood it.

For reference:

In the Rogachevsky District for over twenty years, the Gomel Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, in partnership with the Rogachev Regional Executive Committee, is hosting the International Children’s Camp for Peace and Friendship “KRYNICHKA”. The camp is traditionally held on the picturesque shore of the lake with the symbolic name Dobroe with the aim of expanding and strengthening friendship and exchange of experience between students and adults, educational institutions, peacekeepers of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Nine days on the shore of Dobroe Lake flew by like one instant. The saturated and interesting program of the shift did not let it get bored. Every day the children were involved in a cycle of bright events, where they had the opportunity to show creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness or just having fun. A degree of creativity of some teams just went off scale – and they themselves invented for their Slavonic neighbors entertainment.

For 26 years from a small stream “Krynichka” has grown to a huge sea, where hundreds of rivers of friendship of Slavic children flow into. This year two new keys began to be beaten in the camp: a friendly family of forest residents was replenished with two detachments.

– In the “Krynichku” for the first time came the guys from Orel and a new team from St. Petersburg – all very cheerful and sociable, we immediately found a common language, “shared the head of the detachment” Friendly 10-ka “Stolpnyansky high school Lyubov Romanova. “Actually, I’ve been in the camp for the 13th time.” We have a lot in common with the guys, we are interested together. This year, I remember the salute on the Good on Independence Day. And after the closure we will celebrate Kupalie, within which a laser show will be held. Our detachment looks forward to “Krynichki” every year and meetings with friends!

As far as the participants of “Krynichky” are interested in warm relations with each other, the Friendship Tree, hung with colorful ribbons – symbols of unity, peace and goodness, says.

On the last day, the boys and girls reluctantly gathered in the final line – no one wanted to go home. And that the farewell was not so sad, for the guys prepared a real holiday.

To greet young Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians, many guests of honor came to close the camp shift. Timofei Glushakov, Chairman of the Gomel Regional Department of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, Valentina Gankovich, Chairperson of the Rogachevsky District Council of Deputies, Elena Klochkova, Head of the District Education, Sports and Tourism Department, and many others noted that “Krynichka” became a small homeland not for one generation of Slavs, are strong that they can not be broken neither by time nor by circumstances. They also handed honor certificates, letters of thanks, souvenirs to the leaders and the most active members of the detachments.

“I am in charge of the first year, and for me it was also a kind of test. But I am very glad that all children are healthy and happy. So, we tried not in vain. Together we withstood the battle with the elements and found the way to the sun and bright impressions, – the head of the “Krynichky” Anzhelika Drobkova summed up.

With impatience, the guys were waiting for the most important moment of the event – rewarding the best teams. This year there were three cups. The first – the prize of children’s sympathies, which was determined by voting – went to the “City of Youth” (Novozybkov). The Cup from the Rogachev District Executive Committee and the Belarusian Peace Foundation was handed to the Leader team from Novohrad-Volynsky. Well, the main cup – for the most active squad – deserved the “Parliament” from the school № 6 of Rogachev.