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31.08.2018 / Администратор

Route of special purpose: Rogachevtsy passed the roads of “Glorious”

A special page in the chronicle of the Great Patriotic War inscribed the history of the detachment “Glorious” – the formation of a separate motorized rifle brigade of special purpose.

Today, different generations of Belarusians are passing through the roads of the memory of the heroic detachment, recalling the military way and the exploits of the Slavnians, who left an important trace in the fate of the country.

Aleksei Ivanovich Pimonov (a fighter of the “Glorious” detachment, a member of the board of the Gomel regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, honored peacekeeper of the Republic of Belarus) shared with the descendants the memory of the “Glorious” not only in words but also on paper: this year his book was published, dedicated to the legendary squad.

Representatives of the Gomel Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, the Gomel Regional Organization of the Belarusian Public Association of Veterans of Physical Culture and Sports, the Rogachev District Executive Committee, the Military Commissariat of the Rogachev and Kormyansky Districts, the Rogachevsky Leskhoz, the sports community, and local residents paid tribute to the fighters of the outstanding military formation in the village of Kurganje.

In the Kurgan rural house of culture, travelers were greeted in the past with bread of memory and a life-affirming song. After that they were presented with a cognitive photo-documentary exposition devoted to the “Glorious” detachment, created thanks to the enthusiasm of former managers of the Kurgan rural library Zoya Tobolich and Tamara Vosareva.

After a welcoming meeting, the delegations from Gomel and the regional center headed along the road of fearlessness of the “Glorious”, which led to the cemetery of the village of Kamenka of the Kurgan Village Soviet, where the grave of the valiant soldier of the special squad, the Honored Master of Sports of the USSR and the 7-fold champion of the country in rowing Alexander Dolgushin.

With a salutatory word, Deputy Chairman of the Rogachev District Executive Committee Pavel Berezinsky addressed the guests.

About his military comrade Sasha, the activities of the legendary detachment told the “Glorious” fighter, war veteran Alexei Pimonov. Young Rogachevtsy with their touching action reminded of the value of life and urged to cherish the world, won by such a terrible price. This same profound thought was woven into the speech of the deputy chairman of the Gomel regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation Vladimir Vosarev. Vladimir Anatolyevich ended the appeal to the young compatriots – the Dov and Kurgan schoolchildren: asking the children to preserve the most valuable wealth left to them by the heroes of the war – peace and tranquility on earth.

An epilogue of literary documentary travel “29 months of the roads of war” was the mass grave of the soldiers of the “Glorious” detachment in the now defunct Perekop village. Alexey Pimanov shared his memories of each of the six fighting comrades, who found eternal peace here, and about the military campaigns in which they were together to participate.253_gomel2