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01.05.2018 / Администратор

May Day holiday in the Gomel region!

The Gomel regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation together with local authorities conducted a number of events in the region by May 1 – Labor Day.

The solemn meeting and a festive concert, as well as the awarding of letters of thanks and memorable gifts by the Peace Foundation, took place on April 28 in Lelchitsy district. Here in the regional house of culture the next event was held within the framework of the regional action of the Belarusian Peace Foundation “We Praise a Man of Peaceful Labor”.

Twenty-three best representatives of the district’s labor collectives were invited to participate in the action, including former chairman of the district executive committee Vladimir Anisimovich Mironovich and former chairmen of the district council Olga Nikolayevna Gavrilovets and Anatoly Danilovich Khalyava who made a great personal contribution to the social and economic development of the region. On May 1, similar events were held in the Yelsk and Vetka districts, on May 4 in Novobelitsk and Sovetsky districts of Gomel. The action “We praise a man of peaceful work!” Is carried out by the Peace Foundation with the aim of promoting diligence, raising the authority and importance of the man of labor, honoring the best representatives of various professions, including the village workers, expressing gratitude to these people for devoting their lives to their beloved business, and their daily hard work, sometimes in difficult climatic weather conditions, produce food products, ensuring the food security of the Republic, glorifying by their deeds hardworking and peaceful Belarus . People do not say in vain: “Bread is everything to the head!”, And it’s no accident that people who cultivate the field are called breadwinners.

Everything changes in this world, and rural labor, as before, is in demand. There will not be fruits of hard work of rural residents on our tables, nor will the economic and social well-being of the country. That is why all who work in good faith and responsibly – on the ground, in industry, construction, healthcare and education, other spheres and industries – are the most respected people. The Gomel Regional Department of the Belarusian Peace Foundation cordially congratulated all the labor collectives and residents of the Gomel Region and the Republic on May 1 – the Day of Labor, a holiday that unites people who create the material wealth of the country with their own work.

The peacekeepers wished all the residents and workers of the region success in further creative peace work, excellent relations in the collectives, prosperity and good health, peace and good for everyone, that peace, happiness and goodness always reign in our common home!