Белорусский фонд мира Belarusian fund of peace
04.04.2018 / Администратор

A real celebration of our unity and friendship!

On the day of unity of the peoples of Belarus and Russia, delegations of peacekeepers from Kursk and St. Petersburg paid a friendly visit to the secondary school – school of peace

School № 27 has a proud rank of the School of peace for more than six years. Schools of peace is an international project that is being implemented in Belarus through the district and regional offices of the Belarusian peace Fund. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of peace and security through the education of children on the basis of universal values of humanism and compassion – that peace Foundation puts its priorities. During its existence, the school № 27 has concluded many agreements on cooperation with Russian educational institutions. The geography of friendship is very wide: students communicate with children from Novozybkov, Bryansk, Zlynka, Smolensk, Kursk. For example, in September last year, a cooperation agreement was concluded with St. Petersburg. Many joint events and meetings have been held during these six months, but the day of unity of the peoples of Belarus and Russia is the best occasion to meet and take part in joint actions. A concert program “We are together” was organized in honor of the arrival of dear guests at the school of peace with the support of the Gomel regional branch of the NGO “Belarusian peace Fund”. – We have arrived on a holiday of unity of two countries of Russia and Belarus. Our ancestors were friends and lived in a single family. We want to support this friendship and make it even stronger, – shared member of the delegation, a student of the school №583 Primorsky district of St. Petersburg Alexei Toskin. As the Chairman of the Gomel regional branch of the NGO “Belarusian peace Fund” Timofey Glushakov noted in his speech, our grandfathers fought shoulder to shoulder on the fronts of the great Patriotic war, in guerrilla groups and underground, forged a Victory together, built a peaceful future. Therefore, it is important not to lose touch today. As part of the international meeting, guests from Kursk and St. Petersburg were also invited to an introductory tour of Gomel Palace and Park ensemble and one of the leading enterprises of the region-JSC “Gomselmash”. Agreements on cooperation between educational institutions of Belarus and Russia in the peacekeeping sphere are not the only, but eloquent example of the implementation of the activities of the peace Fund. Support for schoolchildren and the establishment of child diplomacy – the cornerstone of a happy future of any country!gom-ed2 gom-ed1