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04.06.2018 / Администратор

Solemn anniversary in Gomel!

On May 28, 2018, an event dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Gomel Cadet School took place in the Palace of Culture of JSC Gomselmash.

Among the guests of honor was the chairman of the regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation Glushakov T. The solemn ceremony of passing the flag to the school was headed by the Military Commissioner of the Gomel Region, the head of the military garrison Colonel Krivonosov AV, the order of consecration was conducted by Protopriest Igor Olshanov. 5 years for the cadet school – this is a landmark date, the time of summing up, as well as the beginning of a new countdown – new victories, successes, achievements, a new impulse in development.

Chairman of the regional office of the Peace Foundation Timofey Glushakov warmly greeted the gathered, congratulated on the anniversary and thanked for the fruitful cooperation in the matter of civil and patriotic education of youth, joint holding of peacekeeping activities and actions.

On that day, the diplomas of the Gomel regional executive committee, the interior affairs departments of the regional executive committee, badges and medals were given to people who contributed to the development of the institution. Also, Timofey Ivanovich handed over to the cadet school memorable gifts – a clock with the symbols of the Foundation and the inscription “Belarus is a country of peace and harmony!” And the catalog of the Belarusian Peace Foundation.gom-yubilei-1 gom-yubilei-3 gom-yubilei-2