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28.05.2018 / Администратор

Sports-patriotic “Zarnitsa” in Gomel!

In the town of Gomel, the urban sports and patriotic game “Zarnitsa” was held at the city’s multi-disciplinary center for children and youth among pupils of general education institutions in Gomel.

Participation in the organization and conduct of the game was accepted by the regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, having established special prizes for the winning team.

Within two days, four teams that became winners of the regional stages of the game, competed in military-applied, tourist and sports competitions.
The guys showed their skills in the following competitions: in the contest of the staged song “With a spark in the soul and faith in victory”, in the review of building and the song “Aty-bata, the soldiers were marching with a song for the parade,” in fire training exercises “To Defending the Fatherland ready! “, in the tournament” Pages of the history of the Fatherland “, the contest of combat leaflets and, of course, in a paramilitary game on the ground.

Absolute winner of the city game “Zarnitsa-2018” is the team of the secondary school №33 in Gomel, the second place was shared by the teams of secondary schools №59 and №72 in Gomel, the third place was taken by the team of the secondary school №2 in Gomel.

Deputy Chairman of the regional organization of the Peace Foundation Vladimir Vosarev and veteran of the Great Patriotic War Aelita Samsonova congratulated the participants of the game on the successful conduct of the event and awarded the winner’s team with a certificate for the purchase of sports equipment, as well as the booklet of the Peace Foundation “For Peace and Goodness!”, Prize-winners and participants of the game – diplomas and memorable souvenirs.