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16.05.2018 / Администратор

The Peace Fund in Gomel widely celebrated the Victory Day

The Gomel regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation widely celebrated the Day of the Great Victory.

On May 7, in the Central District of Gomel, the regional and regional organizations of the Belarusian Peace Foundation organized a welcome reception of peacekeepers, veterans of war and labor.

The participants warmly greeted and congratulated on the Victory Day holiday the chairman of the regional department of the Peace Foundation Timofey Glushakov, the head of the administration of the Central district of Gomel Sergey Adamovich Kazachok and the deputy head of the regional administration, the chairman of the regional organization of the Peace Foundation Olga Dotsenko. The participants of the meeting received valuable memorable gifts from the Peace Foundation for the holiday.

On May 8, a ceremonial meeting and a gala concert dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War took place in the Gomel Regional Social and Cultural Center. The meeting was attended by the chairman of the regional office of the Peace Foundation Timofey Ivanovich Glushakov and his deputy Vladimir Anatolyevich Vosarev.

It is very pleasant that during the speech before the gathered the governor of the Gomel region Vladimir Andreevich Dvornik noted the great role of the regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation in preserving the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War, caring for veterans, patriotic education of the youth. In the example Vladimir Andreevich noted that the Regional Department of the Peace Foundation conducted 10 marches of peace and 7 actions of memory and grief “Roads of War, Peace and Labor” in the districts of the region over the past three years.

Also in the hall of the OCC was organized a thematic exhibition by May 9, where the young peacemakers of the Secondary School No. 27 in Gomel occupied a central place. Director of the School of Peace Svetlana Kubyshkina told the audience, including the governor of the region Vladimir Andreevich Dvornik, the assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus, the chief inspector for the Gomel region Shuleiko Yuri Vitoldovich about the activities of the School of Peace, the peacekeeping movement in the Gomel region.

On the same day, young peacekeepers of secondary school No. 21 in Gomel, secondary school No. 27 – Schools of Peace and the club of peacekeepers of Gomel School No. 63 led regional columns of participants in the festive procession of the region’s leadership, work collectives and residents of Gomel, dedicated to the Victory Day , and also weighed in the honorary watch on the “Alley of Heroes”, the memorial “Eternal Fire” and the memorial “Heroes-Militia”.

We are proud and remember!


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