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20.05.2018 / Администратор

A poetic line about peace and friendship

The Mostov district of the Grodno region summed up the results of the regional stage of the republican poetic contest “Happiness – live in a peaceful country!”, Announced by the “Belarusian Peace Foundation” among students of general secondary, vocational and secondary special education institutions.

Its winners were four children, students of schools in the district. As the chairman of the Mostovski regional organization of the Belarusian Peace Fund Alla Grigoryevna Zyablitseva told, the district stage of the competition was held jointly with the education, sports and tourism department of the district executive committee.

Its participants were 24 young talents of Mostovshchina, who presented 27 creative works to the jury. – All the guys are great fellows, because they managed to convey the main idea with their poetic creativity, with the help of the exact word, the right rhyme, the beautiful image: grateful descendants remember the price at which our peaceful life has come to us, and try to preserve for future generations the memory of heroism, military valor and selfless love for the Motherland, protect the peace and peace in their country, “Alla Grigoryevna emphasized. – Many of them used family histories, pages of the heroic past of our people, as well as events that during the war years they experienced their great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. Perhaps, therefore, the poems turned out to be so penetrating, sincere, not so childishly deep and emotional.

As a result of the creative competition among young poets, the four children were named the best. This is the 10th grader of the Patsevichi UPK kindergarten-secondary school Ilya Potapov, who shared the first place with the fifth-year student of the fifth city school, Daria Trafimovich. The second place was taken by the nine-grader Peskovsky UPK kindergarten-secondary school Veronika Chernitskaya.

The third place was awarded to Valentina Kulesh, a nine-grader at the Pravostom high school. Rewarding of the winners with memorable gifts of Mostovsky district organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation was held in the solemn atmosphere of the event dedicated to the Day of the State Emblem and the National Flag of the Republic of Belarus. Its participants were able to appreciate the creative potential and oratorical skills of Ilya Potapov, who read his poem “We are the Children of Belarus”. Works of the winners will take part in the regional stage of the competition.vol0