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15.10.2018 / Администратор

Honoring the Mostweds of Mosty on the Eve of Mother’s Day

On the eve of the Mother’s Day, the registry office of the Masty district executive committee conducted a solemn marriage registration, which was attended by the chairman of the Mosty district organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation A. Zyablitseva and the first secretary of the BRSM regional committee P. Zyablitsev.

Two couples decided to formalize their relationship on the eve of this beautiful holiday. The ceremony of marriage registration was held by the head of the registry office T. Germos. In a solemn atmosphere, she presented the newly married couple with their first family document – a marriage registration certificate and gave vital instructions to the young.

In our republic, mother women are reverent and sensitive, and mother labor is not easy to respect. The public organizations, whose representatives came on this day to congratulate the newlyweds who created the new social unit, could not remain aloof from this date.

– Carrying out such an action in our area has already become a good tradition. This event is a landmark, because it helps to strengthen family traditions. On the eve of such a wonderful holiday many warm words of wishes sound. A wonderful addition to them will be a gift certificate from the World of Technology store and, of course, flowers! – Alla G., the chairman of the Mosty branch of the Belarusian Peace Fund, stressed.

Many warm words sounded on this day to the parents of the newlyweds, because it was thanks to them that such happy couples appeared.

Mother’s Day is a special date on the calendar. Connecting loving hearts on the eve of such a momentous day is doubly pleasant. Ahead of these young couples long life. May she be happy and replenished with the joy of motherhood!