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28.09.2018 / Администратор

In Grodno region, mothers and children of the world were congratulated!

On September 25 – 26, 2018, in Grodno region, mothers who gave birth to children were celebrated on September 21 on International Peace Day. The action “Child of the World” has been held in the region since 2006. For 12 years, the Belarusian Peace Foundation congratulated 446 women.

In 2018, 43 children – 22 boys and 21 girls – appeared on the day of peace in the region. The number of Grodno residents on that day increased by 20 people, including 8 boys and 12 girls. On the International Day of Peace two pairs of twins appeared.

Greetings were received by mummies in the Grodno regional perinatal center, maternity wards of the Grodno emergency hospital, Volkovysk, Karelich, Lida, Slonim, Ostrovetskaya, Oshmyanskaya and Smorgon central district hospitals.

Peace activists were among the first to congratulate women on the main event in their lives. Among them are chairmen of the board and activists of the regional department of the Peace Foundation Kolbasko IV, district organizations of Leninsky Grodno (Ravlushevich IE), October Grodno (Mikheeva TS), Volkovyskaya (Yushin DN) , Lida (Mirantsov VK), Korelich (IV Ostashevich), Novogrudskaya (BAKO GE), Oshmyanskaya (Surovets TR), Ostrovetskaya (Sukhodolskaya AS), Slonimskaya (Komar N .V.) Smorgon (Yasyukaitis AR). They congratulated mothers on the birth of long-awaited children, wished to raise them healthy and educate them in family traditions, traditions of Belarusians.

The Belarusian Peace Foundation is sure that these babies will be happy, live in peace and good!

The Grodno Regional Branch of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace NGO thanks our long-standing partners OJSC Molochny Mir, OJSC Lida Milk Canning Factory, OJSC Belact for their participation in this promotion.