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08.06.2018 / Администратор

Intellectual tournament Berestovitchiny!

A person from birth to strive for knowledge. They make him wiser and more experienced, help to make the right decisions and even direct them through life. “The Belarusian Peace Foundation” from the very beginning of its existence supported and supports all those who strive to comprehend the high and the unknown. And that’s why a wonderful tradition appeared on Berestovitch – to hold intellectual tournaments.

During this time, already nineteen games have passed, so the last of them was a kind of jubilee. On this occasion, the initiators of the project – the regional organization “Belarusian Peace Foundation” with the support of other public organizations and the district executive committee presented the participants and winners with deserved presents. Also, the organizers of the tournament announced a list of the best players following the results of the already held meetings of the second season and the list of the best teams. All participants admitted that they are eagerly waiting for new games to continue the battle in the intellectual field.