Белорусский фонд мира Belarusian fund of peace
16.04.2018 / Администратор

Joy from earth to heaven.

The joy of Christ’s Resurrection, the joy of spring, the joy of childhood. These motifs were filled with the concert “Bright Easter”, which last week was held in the Smorgon region in the “Solskaya Children’s School of Arts”.

The second year in a row, the schoolchildren, their parents, and, of course, teachers organize similar concerts. This year the script included the brightest and colorful rooms. The children who became the pride of the school of art performed on the stage – laureates and students of prestigious competitions. And, of course, the “Belarusian Peace Foundation” also provides the most active support to young talents. The most sensual strings of the soul touched the performances of the Orthodox and Catholic choirs.

Their chants, sounded in different languages, were close and understandable to each of those who share the holiday of the Holy Easter with all their heart. The holiday dedicated to the Holy Easter was not without pleasant surprises. Vanda Matskevich, Chairman of the Smorgon District Organization of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace, sincerely thanked the participants for the incredibly beautiful concert and presented a flute to the students as a gift from the Peace Foundation. The musical instrument bought for the funds of the regional organization was very necessary for children for their further education and will help to further develop their talents!