Белорусский фонд мира Belarusian fund of peace
03.05.2018 / Администратор

One of the most peaceful professions is a builder!

“The Belarusian Peace Foundation” maintains friendly and partner relations with many educational institutions throughout the country. After all, from politicians and diplomats to doctors and builders, they can and do their feasible contribution to the maintenance of peace in our country.

Therefore, when the Grodno City Department of the Peace Foundation found out that their old friends and partners from Grodno Building Lyceum # 1 will have a festive evening on the occasion of the anniversary, the activists of the association could not help coming and congratulating their colleagues. Teachers and veterans of the school, students and their parents, representatives of the main education department of Grodno regional executive committee, administration of Oktyabrsky district of Grodno, activists of the Grodno city department of the Peace Foundation and other public associations and organizations gathered in the assembly hall of the Lyceum. Over the years of its existence, the educational institution has been growing steadily, developing and to its 45th anniversary came, having on its account many deserved successes and victories.

The guests were greeted with a significant date by the guests – Kolbasko Ivan Vasilievich, the chairman of the board of the Grodno regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation and Belinsky Oleg Gennadievich, the head of the administration of Oktyabrsky district of Grodno. In his welcoming remarks, Ivan Vasilyevich paid tribute to the efforts of the teaching staff and noted those areas of his activity that are significant for the region and the region, and also stressed the great role of the teachers, administration and students of the Lyceum in popularizing the ideas of peace.

The guests wished the pedagogical team new creative achievements, and the students – successes in learning and further life self-determination, were presented with gifts. The anniversary of the Lyceum became a bright and memorable holiday for all those present!