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15.05.2018 / Администратор

With gratitude, flowers and gifts – to veterans of Mostovshina

Cheerful, in good health and high spirits were greeted by veterans of the Great Patriotic War of Mostovshchina of their numerous guests, that on the eve of Victory Day their houses were visited.

In the district it has already become a good tradition on the eve of the holiday to visit those who traveled the roads of the war, thanks to whom we have the opportunity to live, study and work under the peaceful sky, who is a vivid example of courage, fortitude, patriotism, faithful service to the Motherland, and inexhaustible optimism and hard work. The sponsor, partner and organizer of this annual event is the “Belarusian Peace Foundation”. So this year representatives and activists of the regional structures of the Peace Foundation and other public associations, social and state workers and schoolchildren came to the participants of the war and the workers of the rear. To a good cause joined also a branch of LLC “Eurotorg” in Grodno and the church of the icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow”.

Now in Mostovsky district there are 14 veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Good wishes of health, cheerfulness, strength of spirit were sounded on this day also for Vladislav Aleksandrovich Sobolevsky, Alexandra Denisovna Petrenko, Vasily Maksimovich Kuchevsky, Leonid Ivanovich Osipov, Irina Yakovlevna Leguza, Nikolai Mikhailovich Bobko, Nadezhda Selvestrovna Goryunova, Iosif Iosifovich Zhuk, Claudia Viktorovna Melnychek, Cheslav Grigori Stepanovich. Veterans, in turn, expressed gratitude for the care and attention to the leadership of the country and the region, the growing generation and especially the activists of the Peace Foundation, to all who came to congratulate them on the great holiday – Victory Day.mostov-3 mostov-1