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23.03.2018 / Администратор

“In the future – with hope!”in the Gomel region

From 11 March to 15 April in Mogilev, Gomel and Brest regions of the Republic of Belarus, as well as Bryansk region of Russia and Chernihiv region of Ukraine, the XXXII international social and creative program “into the future-with hope!”.

This year, this program, which has become a long tradition, is organized by the Department for elimination of consequences of the Chernobyl accident, public associations “Belarusian peace Fund” and “Belarusian Republican Union of youth”. The motto of the program is the well-known slogan of the Belarusian peace Fund “with love for people and native land!”, and devoted to the action announced in the Republic of Belarus year of small homeland. The program is attended by honored creative teams and masters of arts of the Republic of Belarus, including the Belarusian state folk music ensemble “Svyata”, as well as talented and creative youth and the peacekeeping community of the Republic. The artistic Directors are people’s artist of USSR and Belarus, composer Igor Luchenok, people’s artist of Belarus, composer Eduard hanok. The first concerts have already been held in Korma and Chechersk districts 18 and 19 March. After them March 28 and 29, performers will go to entertain the inhabitants of Buda-Koshelevo, Dobrush and of Vetka districts of Belarus will be held. And then on 14 and 15 April concerts in Bragin, Khoiniki, Narovlya and Kalinkovichi districts. It is noteworthy that on the ground, the authorities, the organizers of the program try not to avoid and agro-towns, if possible, organizing thematic exhibitions “Successes and talents of our small homeland”, as well as performances of local talented children and youth. Finally, to support the development of socio-cultural sphere, the creation of Museum exhibitions, places, information booths devoted to the small home, the achievements and talents of residents, successes and best workers of labor collectives of Gomel branch of the peace Fund, it was decided to set up a series of money certificates for these purposes. Thank you for giving good to the world!

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