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10.06.2018 / Администратор

To young children – great rights!

The Youth Bloc of the Belarusian Peace Foundation team implemented a project entitled “To young children – great rights”, within the framework of which a number of career-oriented classes were held with children from Orphanage No. 2, as well as a business game, discussions on the rights of the child, and modeling of various legal situations.

As the head of the Youth Bloc, Vladislav Muzychenko, this project is intended to help in the development of children as individuals, in understanding their rights and freedoms and, not least, responsibilities, the successful integration of children into society. After the lectures on the professions demanded in the Republic of Belarus, each of the children was able to receive an individual consultation on the specialty of interest, educational institutions preparing the relevant specialists, and the requirements for admission. For more than 2 years BSU students from the youth bloc team have been systematically engaged with children in various subjects, so from September the children of the orphanage will be able to start working on their dream – by entering the desired educational institution.

The project ended with an exciting excursion to the Forensic Test Site, which was conducted by the head of the Department of Criminalistics, Doctor of Law, Professor Shabanov Vyacheslav Borisovich. The children took with interest the examples from the personal law enforcement practice of the colonel of the militia, the scientist-lawyer, the psychologist. Some of them even seriously considered the profession of an investigator. The excursion continued in the classroom on the second floor of the Faculty of Law, where the teacher of the chair of criminalistics Tikhonenko Ruslan Valerievich told about the peculiarities of the criminalist’s work and demonstrated the work of some devices used by law enforcement officers to investigate crimes.