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29.09.2018 / Администратор

Young peacekeepers are growing

On September 28, 2018, at Minsk Grammar School No. 2, which for 13 years proudly bears the title of “School of the World”, the Day of the first-graders to become students was held.

All September, the kids had a subject called “Introduction to School Life”. During this time, first-graders got acquainted with the teacher, with classmates, accustomed to the daily routine of the gymnasium. Slightly become more independent and more mature.

On the Day of initiation in every first class, and there are three of them in the gymnasium, an open lesson for parents took place. The children showed all the skills acquired during this month.

Each first grader was awarded a valuable delicious medallion, which was immediately eaten with appetite. The miracles of the first-grade students were also expected at a scientific meeting with the doctor of science “All-Knowing”.

At the initiative of the class teacher Yakushevich I.I. and parents of 1 “B” class in the gymnasium yard were planted with World trees (birch and rowan).

These are the first steps of the young peacemakers of the gymnasium No. 2 of Minsk in strengthening peace on Earth!rastut2