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07.06.2018 / Администратор

Holiday of family and children in Molodechno!

In the holiday of happiness, joy, children’s fun and entertainment, children and their parents, who came to Minsk Oblast Drama Theater on June 1, took a dip.

On the first day of summer – International Children’s Day – all were waiting for contests, surprises, a win-win lottery, and of course the play “Golden Heart”. The foyer of the theater turned into a pirate ship, where the children to music played noisily and cheerfully ropes, launched soap bubbles, actively joining the next game or quiz. Celebratory mood was created by actors of theater, playing pirates of Caribbean sea or cartoon characters.

The Molodechno branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation gave this holiday to all the children of the public association “Kamerton” ˗ deaf, deaf and hard of hearing. Peacekeepers of the city traditionally take care of children from the society “Kamerton”, once again confirming the postulate that “happiness, peace and friendship – that’s what children need!”. The guys received a lot of positive emotions, good mood and a charge of vivacity for the whole summer. It was also a family holiday, since all the children from the “Kamerton” society came with their parents, and for a few hours of the holiday all these families became a little more robust and united. After the performance, all the children received balloons to commemorate the holiday of childhood. And all the organizers were just happy to give a good mood, joy, smiles to all the children of Molodechno.