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30.09.2018 / Администратор

Peace Day for the Radoshkovichsk Boarding School!

On September 21, the International Day of Peace, activists of the Molodechno regional organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation came to the Radoshkovichi boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care. “

The program “Care and Mercy” of the Molodechno branch of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace NGO became a celebration of the presentation of a large corner sofa for the game room of the social shelter department.

In this house, “where the hearts are warming,” with our gift, we once again confirmed that “this does not happen in the world so that children are lost …”. These are also citizens of our country! Let these children feel that there are peacekeepers who are in a hurry to do good and are ready to give them their care, warmth of soul, as well as create a cozy environment for living and learning and instill confidence in their future.

Pupils of the orphanage prepared a festive performance about the world, told the guests about their hobbies and dreams. In turn, Svetlana Petrovna Chizhikova told about the work of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, about people who are not indifferent to the problems of the world, the family and orphans and presented gifts. The children immediately settled on a new sofa, laid out the toys. And it was obvious that the children really liked the gift.

Director of the Radoshkovichi Boarding School Dyatlovsky IM thanked the guests for their help. He noted that due to the high level of professionalism of those present, we manage to fulfill an important mission – to contribute to the successful development and socialization of orphans and children left without parental care.