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01.10.2018 / Администратор

“The Child of Peace” was born in Vileyka

On September 21, the public celebrated the International Day of Peace, established by the UN General Assembly in 2001. Traditionally, all children born on this day are awarded the honorary status of “Child of the World.”

Such an action is socially significant, peacemaking, educational and charitable. It promotes family values, peace and harmony, and is aimed at educating the “man of peace”, the Belarusian Foundation for Peace emphasizes.

Last Tuesday, together with the head of the Vileika district organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation NGO Svetlana Volynets and deputy head of the department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the district executive committee Zhanna Rooster visited the maternity hospital of Vileychanka, which became a mother on the most peaceful holiday.

– Anastasia Syrokvash is the first birth. The boy, a real hero weighing 3,500, was born on September 21 late in the evening – at 22:45, – the news was shared by the head of the obstetric department of the Vileyka Central Regional Hospital, Milonait.

The visit of the guests was a surprise for Anastasia, as well as the unusual date that her son chose for his birth. The birth was expected on September 17, but Roman (that’s the name of the baby) was apparently decided otherwise.

Congratulating the young mother with the newborn, Svetlana Volynets and Zhanna Rooster presented her with a memorable certificate and a gift, wished health, happiness, a strong and friendly family and, of course, peace.

“Child of the World” – let this status and symbolic, but it is a confirmation and a reminder that a child was born in a calm and peaceful country. And his mission in the future is to do everything so that she remains so. Peaceful way, “Child of the World” Roman!