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27.03.2018 / Администратор

Day of memory of Khatyn’s tragedy in Klychevschina

March 22 this year marks the 75th anniversary of the tragic death of the inhabitants of Khatyn. The story of how the fascists broke into the village, drove all its residents into a barn and set on fire, with pain in the chest known to everyone.

Fascist invaders destroyed in our country more than 2 million 230 thousand citizens. The occupants turned into ashes 209 cities and townships, 9,200 villages. 186 of them could not be restored after the war. The land from the places where the burnt villages were located, which did not revive after the war, is now at the memorial cemetery in Khatyn. In this cemetery there are capsules with earth from the villages “Viasen” and “Selets”, which peacefully stood on the Klichiv land. Reminders of them are 2 large stones with the inscriptions “VYAZEN” and “ZYALETS. In August 1942, 140 civilians of these villages were shot by punishers from the bloody battalion of Dirlewanger. Today there is a memorial in the place of these villages. It is not just a memorable sign – it is a symbol of endless grief, unparalleled steadfastness, unforgettable courage of people who could not only survive, survive, but also win in the most terrible war from the history of mankind. From a bird’s-eye view, it resembles a cross – a symbol of deep suffering and sorrow. In the upper part of this peculiar cross there is a monument – “Split hut”. It is a symbol of the fact that the peaceful life was interrupted, the fascists burst into the house. At the foot of the monument is a grave in a granite frame. It buried 140 killed civilians: men and women, old people and children. In this sad and tragic day for the whole country and the world, a meeting was held near the monument to the victims and flowers were burned to the burned civilians from representatives of government bodies, veterans, youth, and regional organizations of public associations “Belarusian Peace Foundation” and “Belaya Rus”.