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06.10.2018 / Администратор

District holiday “ABC Security”

The day on Saturday, September 29, turned out to be bad weather: the sky was covered with rainy clouds in the morning, and the air temperature was not particularly conducive to games outside. But despite this, the Aviator’s place of residence at the club’s place in the morning was crowded.

Here, on the initiative of the administration of the Leninsky district of Bobruisk, the Center for the Creativity of Children and Youth of Bobruisk and the Leninsky district organization of Bobruisk, the public association “Belarusian Foundation for Peace”, held the district holiday “Safety Alphabet”. Participation in this large-scale, multidimensional event was attended by schools of the Leninsky district and clubs at the place of residence of the Center for Creativity, as well as employees of the Emergencies Ministry and the department of traffic police of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Bobruisk City Executive Committee.

As part of the holiday, the ABC of Safety passed through a number of entertaining events, including the competitive and gaming program Sportlandia among pupils of schools in the Leninsky District.

Teams GUO “Secondary School number 3 of Bobruisk”, “High School number 9 of Bobruisk”, “High School No. 11 of Bobruisk”, “High School No. 12 of Bobruisk”, “High School No. 17 of Bobruisk “,” Center for creativity of children and youth of Bobruisk “participated in sports races and showed an enviable speed, agility, accuracy, and, most importantly, the will to win. I would like to note the general enthusiasm, interest, solidarity of each team and the active support of the fans.

Results of the competition: 1st place was taken by the team of GUO “Secondary school No. 11 of Bobruisk” and the club team at the place of residence “Youth”, 2nd place – the team of GUO “Secondary school No. 17 of Bobruisk” and the club “Lotos”, 3rd place – GUO “Secondary school number 12 of the city of Bobruisk”.

The winning teams were awarded diplomas and pennants of the administration of the Leninsky district and sweet prizes from the Belarusian Peace Foundation.

The holiday was held with the high activity of the guys. Despite the cold weather, they did not disperse until its very finals, tried to have time to take part in all the events that took place at the venues, sang along with the vocal studio “NEXT” with pleasure, danced along with the exemplary team “Poteshki”, took part in flash mobs.

Well, those who do not really like outdoor games, competed in games of checkers and chess, waited for their turn to inflict the face painting, and simply played the games that were organized for them by the teachers of the Center of Creativity and the EMERCOM employees.

When summing up the results of the festive program, it was noted that such children’s holidays are a wonderful way to occupy children, to arouse in them a genuine interest in creativity, to give a chance to reveal their talents. And the fact that children of various ages took part in games and contests, and the teachers helped them, is the best proof of that.