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02.06.2018 / Администратор

Festive meeting of peacekeepers of the Schools of Peace in Mogilev Region

On May 24, 2018, the long-awaited meeting on exchange of experience among schools with the status of “School of Peace” was held on the basis of the “Teaching Teaching and Teaching Complex of the Secondary School – Kindergarten of Belynichsky District”.

The guests of the event were peacekeepers of secondary school No. 11 in Mogilev, representatives of the authorities, leaders and members of the regional branch, regional organizations of the Peace Foundation, teachers.

For reference:
“Schools of Peace” is an international project that is being implemented in Belarus through the regional and regional branches of the “Belarusian Peace Foundation”. The main goal of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of peace and security through the education of children on the basis of human values ​​of humanism and compassion – what the Peace Foundation considers to be its priorities.

The main goal of the event is to contribute to the upbringing of a sense of patriotism, solidarity, attracting students’ attention to the problem of preserving peace, developing the cognitive and creative abilities of students.
The study of the experience of these two schools, which have the status of the School of Peace, will lead to the conclusion that they successfully, systematically work to preserve the historical memory of the great feat of the people in the Great Patriotic War, remember and honor those who fought on the fronts and in the rear, revived the country in difficult post-war years; with a sense of pride they relate to the history of the Republic of Belarus, their small homeland, to people of labor, help the needy, etc.
During the meeting, Fursova IV, the chairman of the Belinichi regional organization of the “Belarusian Peace Foundation”, Koropov OL, the head of the department of the main department of ideology, culture and youth affairs of the regional executive committee, Irina Rainchik spoke. – Chairman of the city of Mogilev.
Melnikova Valentina Fedorovna, chairman of the board of the Mogilev regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, also delivered a speech during the meeting and presented gifts and diplomas from the “Belarusian Peace Foundation”.
At the end of the event, the delegation of the school No. 11 in Mogilev, representatives of the regional executive committee, the Leninsky district administration of Mogilev, the Peace Foundation visited the Vishov agro-town and the collective farm museum “Kolkhoz Rodina”. Saying goodbye, the guys and adults did not skimp on warm words addressed to the organizers of the event. Oh very interesting, cognitive, exciting day turned out.