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09.07.2018 / Администратор

My stroller is just a fairy tale!

On June 28, on the adjacent site to the State Institution “School №6 in Mogilev”, within the framework of the City Day and the Year of the Little Motherland, a regional defile of the strollers “My stroller is just a fairy tale!” Was held. 

A total of 39 families took part in the competition, the task of which was to create the brightest and most memorable image and stroller

The organizers of this event were the administration of the Oktyabrsky district of the city of Mogilev, the public association “Belarusian Peace Foundation” and other organizations of the region and the region.

For the time being, the jury has witnessed a real parade of miniature military equipment – tanks, airplanes and armored personnel carriers. Many parents supported their ideas with musical numbers. The audience greeted each new participant with a standing ovation.

The festival was accompanied by a concert program organized by the palace of children and youth creativity Everest, and the mini-lady’s beauty school and the Avanti Educational and Production Center came to support the creative ideas of the parents.

It is worth noting that all the winners of the baby carnival left with a wonderful mood, valuable gifts and a sincere desire to participate in the next year.