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03.04.2018 / Администратор

The honor and glory of a military journalist

Activists of the regional organization of the public association “Belarusian Peace Foundation” March 27 near the plaque war reporters in the city park, the Klichev together with representatives of government and non-governmental organizations, local journalists, students, young people gathered to remember a significant event.

Elena Yaroshka, deputy chairman of the regional organization of the public association “Belarusian Peace Foundation” informed the event of an important event, which took place on this day in 1943 .. An employee of the district museum Tatyana Kostyukevich showed the original newspaper and told how to implement it in the timber release printing. Interesting facts led Alina Sudnik, a journalist of the regional newspaper “The Banner of the Soviets.” Pupils duda “Center of additional education for children and young people” told what to write about partisan correspondents. In “For the Motherland” these days of March marks the 75th anniversary of the first issue of the regional underground newspaper. March 27, 1943 in the dense forest tracts Tserebol printed it on a portable printing press, which is AA Yushkevich, editor in chief, brought from behind the front lines. On this day the newspaper published in hiding until the liberation of Mogilev and connections guerrillas against Soviet troops. 46 numbers were issued in the occupation. The newspaper “For the Motherland” systematically contain notes and correspondence about the everyday life of the guerrilla, undermining the enemy trains, defeating the garrisons. Designed not only to the partisans, but also civilians newspaper told about the atrocities of the Nazis, called on people not to succumb to Hitler’s propaganda. “For the Motherland” From 1943 to 1944, our countryman Ivan Pavlovich Kryskavets, a native of the village of Birch Swamp, in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Mogilev underground RC CP Belarus and edited the regional underground newspaper. His assistant in the edition of the newspaper was the 27-year-old PhD Dmitry Yuferev. He arrived from Moscow with airborne intelligence group, a lot of fruitful work, in perfect command of the German language, and wrote on it the leaflets and took materials from their interviews with German prisoners. Deep and well-rounded, well he possessed the gift of speech, and intimate knowledge of the human soul. D.U.Yuferav was a real treasure for guerrilla journalism. Also in the newspaper “For the Motherland” artist worked Zusya Shkliar. He painted witty caricatures of enemies and cut himself on clichés cast of the bullets of lead records, helped recruit newspapers and leaflets. The participants laid flowers to the monument and a minute’s silence in memory of those who died for the liberation of their homeland, and who accurate journalistic word led the people and are approaching the Great Victory.

Alina Sudnik