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01.11.2018 / Администратор

“Volunteers of the year” are announced in Bobruisk

On October 25, the Bobruisk State Motor Transport College summed up the annual regional project competition “Volunteer of the Year – Kind Heart”, organized by the Leninsky district organization of the city of Bobruisk, Belarusian Foundation for Peace, and the administration of the Leninsky district together with public organizations of the city.

Before the start of the event itself, the children were given a tour of the museum of military glory of the Dnieper military flotilla, in which the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Yevgeny Alexandrovich Chaban also took part. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, volunteers enthusiastically shared their experiences, found new forms and methods of work.

The competition was held in 3 nominations: “The veteran lives nearby”, “Volunteer affairs in a photo lens” and “The best volunteer squad”.

To participate in the nomination “Veteran lives nearby”, representatives of the volunteer association provided detailed creative reports, photos and videos showing the work of volunteers to help the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. In this nomination, the best places were the volunteer units “Winners’ Idols”, “Burning Hearts” and “Kind Heart”.

In the nomination “Volunteer Affairs in a Photo Lens”, photographs from one participating team participated, displaying working moments, photo frames of creative reports on thematic events, events, projects, photographic portraits of participants in thematic charity events. The “Helping Hands”, “Mercy” detachments and a volunteer detachment from the Agrarian-Economic College were selected as the best.

To determine the winners in the most important nomination “The Best Volunteer Detachment”, the jury approached comprehensively and was guided by many criteria. Here it was important to every detail as a result of the winners were “Pramen Nadzei” from the Forestry College, “Heart Special Service” from the medical college and “Patriot” from the school №17.