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26.03.2018 / Администратор

We are going “To the future with hope”!

Spring is a special period of the year when the whole world awakens from the long winter, everything blooms around, and each person begins to try to create the best things, warming the surrounding people like a sun.

Recently in Kostyukovichi district of Mogilev region, the warmest event of March, the international social and creative program “To the future with hope”, has passed. Traditionally, the Kostyukovichi regional branch of the “Belarusian Peace Foundation” plays an active role in the implementation of this project. As in past years, one of the main and most interesting parts of the program is the performance of local talented youth. As the organizer of this program, Ekaterina Kopeleva, shared with the journalists of the regional newspaper, all of her children’s suits were very pleasantly surprised and pleased her. And of course they will all go to Minsk – to perform on the capital stage! Within the framework of the event there were gifts to those who heard them by their labor: Kristine Sharapeda, the winner of the republican essay competition “The Happiness of Living in a Peaceful Country”, was presented with the book “Children for Peace”, which contains essays by children from all corners of our country countries. Participating in the republican action of the Belarusian Peace Foundation “With love to people and native land” an exhibition of fine arts was organized and held, dedicated to the Year of the Little Motherland, declared in the Republic of Belarus. The director of the Shareykovsky village house of culture, Tatyana Zayko, was awarded a certificate worth 300.00 rubles. for the implementation of the project “Return to the roots” from the chairman of the regional organization of the Peace Foundation Svetlana Leonidovna Starovoitova. In a festive atmosphere, young artists and Christina are encouraged by gifts from the Peace Foundation. Kostyukovce also welcomed the artists of the Belarusian ensemble “Svyata”, who pleased the audience with bright, memorable and popular songs and dances. After the event, everyone went home, carrying pieces of this warm and sincere holiday to their families.IMG_7501