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27.04.2018 / Администратор

We remember the pain of Khatyn!

In the village of Borki in the Kirov district near the memorial complex “In memory of the burnt villages of the Mogilev region” a regional meeting-requiem “National pain and memory” was held, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Khatyn tragedy.

Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Council of Deputies Kharitonchik Dmitry Ivanovich, representatives of regional trade union organizations, veterans of war and labor, public associations “Belaya Rus” and “BRSM” and representatives of the clergy took part in the rally-requiem organized by the “Belarusian Peace Foundation”. The participants of the requiem meeting paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War, a minute of silence. Wreaths and flowers were laid on the mass grave and the Wall of Memory. Archpriest Dmitry Pervius, rector of the Holy Protection Church of Kirov, spent the mourning funeral litany for the burnt inhabitants of the village. At the memorial complex “Death Camp” in Mogilev, at the rally-requiem, the participants laid wreaths and flowers at the Eternal Flame and honored the memory of the victims with a minute of silence. Khaletskaya Natalya Leontyevna, the chairman of the regional organization of the Peace Foundation, appealed to the younger generation to always remember the price at which the victory was won, the Khatyn tragedy, the tragedies of Belarusian villages that were burned by Nazi punishers, the atrocities and barbarity, the heinous crimes committed by the Hitlerite genocide on our land with an unarmed population, women, children, the elderly. We all need to know the history of our village, city, country, strengthen and preserve the world – the sacred gift of life.