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01.10.2018 / Администратор

Brest region celebrates the International Day of Peace!

Traditionally, the Day of Peace is celebrated on a special scale in the Brest region, and this year was not an exception. We have compiled for you an overview of the most significant events that took place in the Brest region for this wonderful holiday!

To the world, yes!

By tradition, the International Day of Peace at Brest State Technical University begins every year with a general collection of teachers and students. This time the students came out with posters and balloons, as well as paper cranes, which they did with their own hands and attached to the balloons. The participants of the event had one common goal: to say “Peace to the world!” And “No to the war!”. “But to achieve peace it is not enough to lay down arms. For peace to truly reign, it is necessary to uphold human rights for all the inhabitants of the planet. The International Day of Peace embodies our common desire to put an end to conflicts in all forms and ensure the protection of human rights for all people ”, said Romanyuk Lydia Nikolayevna, Chair of the Brest Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, in her speech. She presented to the team of teachers and students the book “Children for Peace!”, Which included poems of Belarusian schoolchildren, winners of the republican poetic competition “Happiness is to live in a peaceful country!”. One of the winners of the competition, a former student of GUO “School №1 of Pruzhany named after the Red Banner Belarusian Military District”, and now a student of GUO “Brest State Technical University” Anton Sloboda read his poem printed in the book. At the event he was awarded a diploma of the Brest Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation.


The city of Brest celebrates the International Day of Peace. And on the evening of September 21, on the territory of the Brest regional center of the Olympic reserve, the next annual event dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held. Unfortunately, the world is not becoming kinder. Such events, actions are still relevant, and our contribution to the preservation of the world is increasingly significant. The creation of an improvised “Alley of Peace” gives a deep meaning to the event. At 20.00 hours, the participants of the action light up the lamps all together: this is the memory of those who, at different periods of history, gave their lives for the freedom and independence of nations, defended the world around the world at the cost of their lives. This year participants of the event drove the “Round dance of the world” on the improvised “Alla Mira”. Members of the Brest Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, as well as students and teachers of the Brest State College of Communications took part in this event. Every year there are more and more participants in this remarkable venture, which means that our sincere desire to live in peace and harmony becomes even more convincing against the background of progressive indifference and indifference, general tension in the world. The main motto of the event was the words: “join and change the world for the better. The contribution of each of us to the consolidation of peace in a single country, all over the world is invaluable and weighing. ”


Happiness to live in a peaceful country! Under the title “Happiness to live in a peaceful country” on September 21, International Peace Day, an event was held at the Drogichin Children’s Art School. It was organized by the Drogichinsky regional organization of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace NGO, the Drogichinsky regional union of trade unions, the Military-Historical Museum. D.K. Udovikova and the State Institution “Drogichin Children’s Art School”. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Mikhail Grechko, chairman of the Drahychyn district organization of the Belarusian Union of Afghan War Veterans in Afghanistan, shared their memoirs with the students of the Drogichin gymnasium. and liquidator of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, retired lieutenant colonel A.I. “Red line” in the speeches sounded: “Peace is the greatest value at all times and for all nations, all questions, problems, difficulties can be solved under one condition – if there is peace on earth.” At the conclusion of the event, the chairman of the board of the Drogichin district organization of the Belarusian Peace Fund NGO Masyuk TV noted: “We, Belarusians are the peace people” – the anthem of the Republic of Belarus begins with these words. And indeed, while the fierce wars are being waged in various parts of the world, peace reigns in the Republic of Belarus. In order for our country and after decades to be called friendly and hospitable, we need everything: from the president, the government, deputies, to each of the living people in our native Belarus to live with peace in our soul, with peace in our families, around ourselves to do everything we can the country was quiet, calm and comfortable. “


Our task is a peaceful sky! The celebration of the International Day of Peace in secondary school No. 3 of Pinsk has already become a good tradition and is held annually in order to attract children’s attention to the daily activities of the United Nations to maintain peace and tranquility, to understand existing world problems. In the morning, the action “Let the dove of peace bring us joy” began at school. At the entrance to the school, all students and teachers were given emblems depicting a white dove with an olive branch, which is a symbol of peace. Among the events held in GUO “Secondary School No. 3 of Pinsk”, a single informational clock was held: “The world that everyone needs” – I-IV classes; “Children of different nations, we live in dreams of peace” – V– VIII classes; “Our task is a peaceful sky” – IX – XI classes. On uniform information hours, students talked about what the world means for each of us, about how important it is to save the world and prevent military conflicts. But the main event of the holiday have become flash mobs from the primary organization of the NGO “Belarusian Republican Youth Union. The school students were happy to support This initiative was actively involved in the action. The day, which is intended to draw the attention of all people to the important value for all mankind – the value of peace. It is not a secret for anyone that wars exist because someone needs it. But we know for sure that is not for us! And we know for sure that people have long known peaceful ways to solve any problems and disagreements, that letting the possibility of war be wild now. We are children. We have no power or any authority to stop the war. But we can tell the world that we want peace! May there always be peace on Earth! May there always be peace in families! May there always be sunshine!


 And on a bright day and a bad weather day, children do not know about the war! In Stolin, the winners of the republican poetic contest “Happiness to live in a peaceful country” were honored on the International Day of Peace. “Both on a bright day and a bad weather day, children do not know about the war!” These lines became the essence of the poem by a student of the 7th grade of the Fuzhsky Observatory of the Struzhskaya secondary school, Stolin district, Daniil Belous, who is now famous not only in his native school, not only in Stolin district, but also beyond it. His poem was printed in the book of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace “Children for Peace” – a book that combines children’s thoughts, inspiration and creativity. … Daniel learned from his teacher of Russian language and literature Valentina Alexandrovna Moroz, who knew that the boy was fond of poetry, and helped Daniel to polish his work, about the republican poetic competition among students “Happiness to live in a peaceful country”. Of the 24 entries from the Stolin region, the work of Daniel was noted in the book. And, reading his lines, it becomes clear why. After all, the greatest happiness of a child (and an adult!) Is to never know what war is … The book “Children for Peace” and a cash certificate for a substantial amount – such gifts were brought to the student by the head of the regional organization “Belarusian Peace Fund” Svetlana Vasilyevna Beer. A beautiful bouquet of roses is a pleasant surprise for his teacher, the inspirer – Valentina Alexandrovna Moroz. Daniel wrote poems with 11 years. Characterizes his work of the time as follows: – It was just an outline … Favorite topics for creativity – the family and Belarus. The boy himself is from a large family: he has two brothers and a four-year-old sister, whom he loves very much. Dad is an auto mechanic, mom is a housewife who pleases her loved ones with delicious dishes. Mom is a master of all trades: the most favorite dishes of Daniel himself are baked peppers, pancakes with cottage cheese, cabbage rolls and borsch. The boy, according to the teachers, is a good student, modest, diligent. Favorite subjects in school (which was to be expected) – languages ​​and literature, and also the lesson – favorite of all boys – physical education. In his spare time, a creative person enjoys football. Moreover, in any of its form: both in real and virtual. Can drive a ball with friends on the street, and can play football and on the computer. All those gathered at the celebration wished Daniel creative success, successful completion of school, and most importantly – to remain the same cheerful, kind and in love with this world and PEACE in the whole world.

Malorita in the week of the World! From September 17 to September 21, 2018 “Peace Week” took place in the Malorita district. Every day of the week had its own name and theme. The Week of Peace opened on September 17 with the “Day of informing” – thematic information hours were held in the district’s educational institutions. And on September 18, the presentation of the book “Nuclear Weapons on the Guard of the World” was held in the district library. One of the days of the week was the “Day of Good.” On this day, representatives of the regional organizations of the Belarusian Peace Foundation and the Belarusian Republican Youth Union visited the Great Nursing Hospital. A pleasant surprise for the hospital patients was a concert from the autoclub of the Maloritsky Regional Center of Culture. September 20 was named the Day of Labor and Creativity. On that day, the meeting “International Day of Peace” was held in the city House of Culture of Malorita. Lyudmila Viktorovna Burshtyn, Chairperson of the Public Association “Belarusian Peace Foundation”, told about the events held during the week. Also at the meeting were awarded the winners of the video contest and drawings “Planet of friends!”, Held by the regional organizations of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace, Belarusian Republican Youth Union and the State MTSON. The winners of the competition were: Skrypchuk Angelina (Zamshanskaya BS) and Kozlovskaya Sofia (a regional gymnasium) in the video contest, and Anastasia Bubenchik (Oltushskaya SS) and Andrey (a regional gymnasium) in the drawing competition. A master class on making a pigeon – a symbol of peace was held for those present by an elementary school teacher at school № 1 Anna Yuryevna Gavrilyuk. At the end of the meeting, its participants released red and green balloons into the sky.