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20.05.2018 / Администратор

“Care” in the Malorita district!

Last year, in the trilateral cooperation between the Malorita district organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, the regional organization Belaya Rus and the regional organization of the NGO “Belarusian Republican Youth Union”, the idea was born to take patronage over the Velikoritsky hospital of nursing care, where elderly lonely and sick people.

Today this idea is being successfully implemented. Recently, the activist of the regional organization of the Peace Foundation, together with representatives of public organizations, visited the Velikorit hospital, where a part of the wooden fence around the medical establishment was put in order, and flowers were planted.

Lyudmila Viktorovna Burshtyn, Chairperson of the Malorita District Organization of the Belarusian Fund for Peace, said:
– This interesting proposal – to put in order the fence around the hospital – came from its employees, and the Fund of the World was eagerly connected to this. After all, we set the order primarily for ourselves, and this beauty will please the eye.

Following the subbotnik in the hospital, activists of the regional organization of the Peace Foundation and the Brest Regional Office of the Belarusian Peace Foundation organized a regular trip to the Velikoritsk hospital. Once again, guests of the hospital were greeted by their sincere smiles. On the eve of the dear Victory Day holiday, congratulations to people who were left unattended by the family and are now living in the hospital ward, the chairman of the Brest regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation Lidia Romanyuk, the chairman of the Malorita district organization of the Peace Foundation, Lyudmila Burshtyn, the deputy chairman of the Malorita district executive committee Vadim Shpetny and deputy head of the central regional pharmacy Galina Malich. The chief doctor of the regional hospital Petr Selovinik met them.

All of them in warm words tried to support the wards of the hospital, wished them health, strength, patience. Elderly people, touched by the attention, thanked for the numerous gifts that the hospital received. The Peace Fund organization transferred 18 warm and new blankets to the medical institution, and representatives of the pharmacy brought modern necessary hygienic supplies. For the improvement of the territory of the hospital, the guests handed over to the staff of medical workers seedlings of flowers and coniferous plants.

– We love beauty and are glad that we are trying to create conditions that remind us of the house. Here, and colored soft blankets added comfort, “the hospital patients noted, returning to their wards, where the beds were neatly tucked in with blankets.

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