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09.06.2018 / Администратор

“Draw children” in Brest!

Creative action “Draw Children” takes place annually in the Brest Fortress since 2008. This year, it took place with the participation and material support of the Brest Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation.

The opening of the action took place on June 1, the International Children’s Day. This year, the action was held under the title “At the Turn of the Century”. The first nomination “I Serve the Fatherland” was dedicated to soldier’s weekdays and the development of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus at different time stages. Officers and soldiers are valiant defenders of their people and peace in their country. The second nomination “Feat and memory: the artist’s view” was dedicated to the centenary of the honored art worker of the Byelorussian SSR, artist Peter Sidorovich Durchin. Today in the museum collection of the memorial complex more than 200products of this artist.

Participants in the creative contest were invited to illustrate the works of P. Durchin in artistic form depicting the views of the Brest Fortress during the moments of her heroic defense in June-July 1941, as well as portraits of defenders of the Brest Fortress. On June 2, the results of the creative action were summed up. In total, more than 100 works were submitted by the children to the contest. The jury summed up the results.

The best works were awarded with diplomas from the Brest Hero-Fortress Memorial Complex and valuable gifts of the Brest Regional Department of the Belarusian Peace Foundation. They were presented by the Deputy Director for Research of the Memorial Complex Bibik Larissa Grigorevna and the Chairman of the Brest Regional Department of the Belarusian Peace Fund Lidiya N. Romanyuk.