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31.08.2018 / Администратор

Drogichin sums up the summer!

The priority direction of the activities of the Drogichinsky district organization of the NGO “Belarusian Peace Foundation” is the propaganda and implementation of ideas of mercy and humanism, peace and mutual understanding, a healthy lifestyle.

And now, coming to the end of the season, the Drogichin branch of the Peace Foundation shares its achievements and activities.

Feast of childhood.

On June 1 of this year, on the International Children’s Day, representatives of the Belarusian Peace Foundation from Drogichin visited the children’s social shelter with presents. It was a real childhood holiday: with music, food and gifts. The children’s eyes glowed with joy, and adults genuinely hoped that the majority of pupils of the children’s social orphanage would return to their biological families. After all, such events remind us, adults, of the need to protect the rights of the child, the interests of young people who are exposed to all sorts of dangers, because of adult mistakes, they suffer deprivation.


Common cause.

Any business is arguing faster if there are good assistants. This was confirmed by the participation of activists of the Drogichin regional organization NGO “Belarusian Peace Foundation” in the improvement of the sports ground in the new micro district of Drogichin. With the request to create conditions for leisure local children (and mostly young families live here), the residents turned to the leadership of the district executive committee. The services were given appropriate instructions. Part of the works on improvement, installation of gates and racks were carried out by the Drogichinsky Housing and Physical Culture and Sports Club, and on July 30, activists of the Drogichinsky District Organization of the Belarusian Peace Fund carried out, by the way, labor troops. Together with the employees, FGC brought the football and volleyball fields in order, and also presented a volleyball net to the athletes. “It is symbolic that such an initiative is realized within the framework of the Year of the Little Motherland. And we are making our contribution to its well-being, “said Tatyana Vladimirovna Masiuk, chairperson of the Drohichin regional organization of the Belarusian Foundation for Peace. Closer to the evening, happy voices of local children sounded on the playground.



Председатель РО ОО «Белорусский фонд мира» Т.В.Масюк передает волейбольную сетку главному специалисту по спорту райисполкома Н.С.Гарастюку.

Touch me with kindness.

In August, the initiative of good deeds was continued. Drohichin regional organization of the NGO “Belarusian Peace Foundation” purchased 11 wristwatches with a speech synthesizer for visually impaired invalids, which were handed to the disabled by the chairman of the Drohichin regional organization NGO “Belarusian Peace Foundation” T.Masyuk and deputy director of ChTUP “Marika” E.P. . In the end, a concert was organized for all those present. 


“School bag”

Actively the regional organization of the Foundation has turned into a work to prepare children for the new academic year. Within the framework of the charitable action “School Portfolio” by the Drohychyn District Organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, assistance was provided in the acquisition of school backpacks and office supplies to the children of the children’s social shelter and first-graders from families with a socially dangerous situation.


I would like to note that since the beginning of the academic year the joint project “Together for a prosperous family!” Has been launched, organized by the Drohichin regional organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, trade unions, the commission for minors and the district social and pedagogical center. The project aims at helping families of a socially dangerous situation. Expected result of the project: happy childhood and a happy family.