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07.05.2018 / Администратор

I between memory gictoryyay

In the Year of a small country with the financial support of the Board of Kobrin “Belarusian Peace Foundation” published the book Nina Marchuk “Between memory and history.”

Kobrin every corner of the earth breathes history, every village holds at many mysteries and puzzles to solve that – employment difficult, but interesting. It says archeologists hurry unnecessarily. But historians and local historians hurry. To get to the surface all that is kept under lock and key uncertainty, it is necessary today, because it can disappear forever, along with those who at least something to remember the events of nearly a century ago. Nina Marchuk book “Between memory and history” – a lot of work to local lore, who can not sit still and calm until the pull on the light and does not disclose all of the historical mystery. author of the book distributed materials on such topics as, for example, the Church of Brest regional studies, little-known and famous people of Brest, live and remember. Kobrin village and the history of his time. Unknown pages of Kobrin and some parts of the Brest region will interest readers of all ages – from children to people, gray-haired. Keep history for posterity – one of the main tasks of the Belarusian Foundation’s activities in the world. Ratne area arganizatsiya Belarusian Peace Foundation, in its decision to issue a book in the year a small country, will contribute to the vykanenne this task.