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11.05.2018 / Администратор

“March of the World” on Berezovshchina.

The 10th “Peace March”, initiated by the Bereza regional organization of the Belarusian Peace Fund, was held in Berezovsky district with the active participation of Rezko Valentina Vasilievna, whose activity was later marked with the breastplate of the Belarusian Peace Foundation “Honored peacemaker”.

In the current year, the “March of the World” was launched at the Eternal Flame in the Komsomol Square, where the participants of the event were addressed by the Deputy Chairman of the Berezovsky District Executive Committee, D.M. Zenevich, who recalled the price of the Victory, the importance of continuity of generations and the upbringing of true patriots of his country. The column adorned with flags with participants of the military-patriotic club “The Western Frontier” and the ZiS-3 gun from the times of the Great Patriotic War moved to Beloozersk.

There, at the monument to Soviet soldiers and partisans, the action “Candle of Memory” was held. The Chairman of the Beloozersk City Executive Committee A.P. Danilyuk. And the chairman of the Peskovsky village executive committee A.N. Shimchuk, when visiting the village of Chriso, told about the shooting of the Martysievich family and unknown citizens who have an obelisk installed. In the village of Nivka, the marchers paid tribute to the memory of Soviet activists and Komsomol members who died at the hands of the bandits in March 1946. And in the village of Yartsevichi, by the efforts of the regional organization of the Belarusian Fund for Peace and personally V. V. Rezko, in 2014 a new monument was erected at the grave of civilians and guerrillas shot by civilians. In ar. Sands with the participation of schoolchildren and local residents held a rally dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory.

On the initiative of the director of JSC “Peskovskoe” V.V. Panasyuk in the center of the agro-town is equipped with a real memorial, where there is a monument to Lieutenant-General S.I. Lyubarsky – a native of the village of Old Sands, the names of all fellow countrymen who died during the Great Patriotic War are immortalized, there is a military technique. Words coming from the heart, a minute of silence, songs of the war years, poems and pigeons released into the sky – the main symbol of the world – left no one indifferent.

With a special feeling, everyone listened to the memories and farewells of the war veterans. Trutko and A.A. Casing. O. Yarmoshevich, Chairman of the Berezovsky regional organization of the Peace Foundation, cordially thanked the leaders of the local authorities, representatives of public organizations, military units, labor collectives, the staff of the district military enlistment office and DOSAAF for their active participation in the peace march. Special gratitude to schoolchildren and teachers who take care of monuments, confirming that no one is forgotten. Wreaths and flowers were laid at the foot of each obelisk.

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