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01.05.2018 / Администратор

“Parallel worlds” came to Baranovichi

On April 23, the VIII International Festival-Seminar of Youth and Amateur Theaters “Parallel Worlds” was launched in Baranovichi.

This time the festival gathered 20 teams from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Latvia on the stage of the Baranovichi Palace of Children’s Creativity. For eight consecutive years from year to year the Brest regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation has been the sponsor of the festival, the Baranavichy city organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation (Boyar Leonid Stepanovna) is the most active organizer of the

The largest representation at the forum was the delegation of Russia, whose teams presented 13 productions. From Belarus performs two teams: Artists of “Parallels”, which as the hosts of the creative act is the site of the contest with the play “Till” and theater project Artem Evsievicha from Minsk, who brought the “Mime” in Baranovichi plastic production. His reading “Taming the Shrew” will show the youth theater studio “Yorik” from the Latvian Rezekne. Germany delegated to the Festival Theater 11 from Bremen, which will please the audience with the comedy “Happiness has fallen”. The representative of the Ukraine – People’s children’s theater “Scamps” – on the rights of the holder of last year’s Grand Prix was awarded the right to open the program “Parallel Worlds”. This time, the citizens of Kharkiv will present the drama “There will be no more winters.” On the stage of the Palace of Children’s Creativity, Belarusian and foreign artists showed performances on the works of classics of Russian and world literature, contemporary authors. Residents of the city of Baranovichi, especially youth and high school students, were able during the festival to plunge into a world of warmth, beauty and peace. In addition to artistic performances it offers numerous master classes, including elocution, acting, choreography, mime, directing. The festival program included a intellectual games, theatrical combat, quest of Baranovichi as well as excursions to Brest, Nesvizh and Mir. Festival and Youth teams from different countries in Baranovichi from year to year makes an invaluable contribution to the spiritual, patriotic and international education of young people of Belarus, to the strengthening of peace and cooperation among peoples and became over the years the hallmark of Baranovichi and the “world of the Belarusian Fund “.