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01.06.2018 / Администратор

Remember – to live!

Remember – to live. Under this name, on the initiative of the Brest City Organization, the Belarusian Peace Foundation and personally the chairman of the city organization of the Peace Fund, Kuis Mikhailovich, and the Brest City Council of Veterans, with the support of the Brest Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, a meeting of students of the Communication College with participants in the Great Patriotic War took place.

 The members of the Brest city committee of veterans and the children of the defenders of the Brest Fortress came to visit the guys: Speaking veterans remembered a story that can not be faked, but it is necessary to keep true for the descendants, no matter how terrible it was. And the victory over fascism began to be forged at the walls of the Brest Fortress. It became possible due to the fact that all together, people of all nationalities began to defend the Motherland, believed in Victory and won.

Today 293 veterans of the Great Patriotic War reside in Brest, 175 of them are combatants, 84 are loggers, and 15 are residents of the besieged Leningrad. 220 – former underage prisoners of fascism. For young people, such meetings are very instructive. They were all one in one: while veterans are alive, it is necessary to use the opportunity to hear about the events of that terrible war from the first mouth, so that this never happened again. They thanked the veterans for the meeting, for the peaceful sky, under which the people of Belarus live for 73 years, for heroism and courage, for the Victory.

Student of the college, participant of the republican poetic contest “Happiness to live in a peaceful country” Zyshchuk Ekaterina read the poem to the participants of the meeting. The most important wish of the veterans for the youth was the desire to save the world.

In order to fulfill such an important task as the preservation of peace and security, the Charter of the Belarusian Peace Foundation defines a priority area, which is international cooperation aimed at strengthening peace and friendship between people and peoples, propaganda and implementation of ideas of mercy and humanism, as well as popularization of national socio-cultural values ​​and traditions.