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16.07.2018 / Администратор

Results of the contest “Happiness to live in a peaceful country” in the Brest region.

In the Brest region, the jury summed up the results of the second selection round of the Republican Poetry Contest among the students of the institutions of general secondary, vocational and technical secondary and secondary special education of the Brest region “Happiness – live in a peaceful country”.

In total, 68 works were sent to the second selection round in the region. In the words of the authors of poetry sounds pride for their country, for their people. Children with great love talk about their little Homeland, the one where each of them was born and lives. Most of all they value the peace-loving policy of their state, and the peace in the country, which allows today to quietly study, work, love, raise children. Children with anxiety reason in their works about today and tomorrow. Their main appeal is to give the children of the world a childhood, an opportunity to live in a peaceful world.

The winners of the second selection round from the districts of the Brest region were Bogatyreva Ekat, Belous Daniil, Golovko Viktoria, Vidnekevich Maxim, Datsik Maria, Druchits Olga, Yevtuha Nikita, Zanko Syargei, Keizik Svyatoslav, Kozyrevsky Vladislav, Lokhin Yana, Maksimuk, Myshlennik Alexandra, Palyutina Anna, Sloboda Anton, Natalia Saganovich, Victoria Solovyova, Andrei Sudnik, Troitsevich Darina and Tsybulu Alexandra;

Among the winners of the qualifying round, 1 place was given to Bogatyreva Catherine, Vidnikevich Maxim and Victoria Solovyova. The second place was shared by Zanko Sergey, Myshlennik Alexander and Lokhin Yana. And the third proudly hold Palyutin Anna, Tsibulya Alexander and Druzhchits Olgaitogi_konkursa2