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10.10.2018 / Администратор

Soldier and 90 years in the ranks

Alexander Alekseevich Kuzmich from the agro-town Malech of the Berezovsky region turned 90. His beloved father and grandfather, labor veteran and former partisan, came to congratulate his relatives, representatives of the government and public organizations.

In the framework of the action “Soldier in the ranks and in 90”, the hero of the day was greeted by the chairman of the Berezovsky district organization of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, Yarmoshevich Olga Vitalyevna, the chairman of the Berezovsky district council of veterans M.N. of the veteran organization of Malech village council V.F. Zhukovich Alexander Alexandrovich was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Brest Regional Branch of the BFM, flowers and money.

Alexander Alekseevich is still that fighter – he is quite controlled by the yard and the garden, is keenly interested in the news, he is an excellent conversational partner, smiling, he kindly shines with kindness.

Left behind a long hard life. As a teenager, Alexander Kuzmich got into the Kirov Partisan Detachment of the Ponomarenko Brigade of the Brest formation. He was the youngest among the people’s avengers. He was called the son of the regiment. I went to reconnaissance, participated in the destruction of 4 echelons and 11 cars. During the bombing he sustained injuries that undermined his health. In total, the detachment spent more than a year – from May 2, 1943 to July 28, 1944.

Alexander Alekseevich was awarded the Order of the Patriotic Grade II, medals to the “Partisan of the Patriotic War”, “For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” and other thanks for his work, for his long and hard life filled with service to the people.