Белорусский фонд мира Belarusian fund of peace
17.05.2018 / Администратор

Tourist meeting with the support of the Peace Foundation in Pinsk.

On May 12 – 13, 2018, a tourist meeting took place at the recreation center “Zavishie” among students of the X-XI classes, teachers and parents of pupils of the XI-XI grades of the secondary school “Pinsk Middle School No. 3” in the framework of the Year of the Little Motherland “No milies of my Motherland ! ».

Conducting the meeting was already a tradition in the institution of education. Every year this event is gaining more and more participants, with great passion the teams are approaching the preparation for the competitions within the framework of the rally. This year the meeting was held with the active support of the Pinsk city organization “Belarusian Peace Foundation”. The program of the rally presupposed 7 kinds of different competitions and competitions. Upon arrival, a solemn line dedicated to the opening of the rally was held. With a positive and enthusiastic team introduced themselves, as well as met with members of the jury, which included Mikhail Mikhailovich Kuis, the chairman of the Pinsk city organization of the Belarusian Fund for Peace, Elena Nikolaevna Lobachevskaya, the director of the secondary school No. 3 in Pinsk and Tatiana Kravtsova, deputy director for educational work.

On the first day, the teams fought for victory in volleyball, orienteering, darts. This day was not without creative contests. After dinner, the participants presented their homes in the “Hata Paleshuka” contest, and also presented their dishes in the “Grandma’s recipe” competition. I am glad that every year the teams show even more creativity and originality in such competitions. The jury did not remain indifferent to the meeting with the young polechuk and polechuk. Many songs of poems were heard in the native Belarusian language. Students of the XI classes conducted an excursion into the history and provided an opportunity for both the jury members and other participants to take a fresh look at the familiar and seemingly familiar things from childhood.

I would like to note the solidarity, originality, creativity of the team of parents, who in a short time were able to prepare for the competitions and surprise the jury. At the end of the day, a common fire took place, where the creative competitions “Song of the Meeting” and “Fashion-FEST” were held. On the second day of the tourist rally, the intellectual game “What do you know about your Motherland?”, The poster contest “My City Pinsk”, and the main intrigue in volleyball competitions were resolved. The jury was very difficult to sum up and determine the winner, as all teams were worthy of this title, but in disputes truth is born. Awards have found their heroes. I place was taken by a team of students of the XI B class, II place was rightfully assigned to a team of students of the X-th grades, and an honorable third place to the team of parents. Elena Nikolaevna and Tatyana Anatolyevna presented letters and prizes to the winners.

The organizers of the meeting express their gratitude to the Pinsk city organization “Belarusian Peace Foundation” for supporting this event. The Pinsk city organization of the NGO “Belarusian Peace Foundation” considers it its duty to support such events, because they contribute to the education of young citizens of our country on the principles of peace, friendship, mutual understanding and harmony, propaganda of a healthy lifestyle. In the course of such an event, young people are involved in national culture, folk art and preservation of historical and cultural heritage.