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11.06.2018 / Администратор

We all come from childhood …

On June 1, in the city park of Malorita, the holiday “Let’s give children joy”, dedicated to the International Children’s Day, was held. Thematic sites, entertainment and dance program “Let’s give children joy” and sportsland “We need to engage in sports” were organized for children and their parents.

Within the framework of the action “Children’s Day”, the regional organization “Belarusian Peace Foundation” together with the Malorita regional committee “BRSM” and with the help of volunteers-peacekeepers organized the work of the “Drawing Islands” – a thematic site where children painted with felt-tip pens, paints, crayons, stamps , soap bubbles, and for their creativity children received deserved souvenirs. At the event, it was also possible to taste the products of the Malorita fruit cannery. In the city park for children worked rides. The organizers of the holiday and the adults were united in that the children are our wealth and our future. For the sake of them we live, work, plan. In order to realize the plan, adults must daily surround children with attention and care, teach kindness, generosity and humanity, and the “Belarusian Peace Foundation” strive to ensure that every child receives a decent upbringing and the happiest childhood. Children are the future of Belarus!