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15.04.2018 / Администратор

Podium discusce on the importance of Memory!

In 2018, the 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Belarusian village of Khatyn is celebrated.

On this occasion, the Berlin Charitable Association KONTAKTE-KOKTAKTI and the Initiative Group “Place of Remembrance” decided to draw worthy attention and discuss further ways of expanding the “memory” of the victims of National Socialism. Natalya Kirillova, coordinator of the project of the Belarusian Peace Foundation “Social support to people who survived in the burnt Belarusian villages.1941-1944” was invited to take part in the podium discussion dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Khatyn tragedy, which took place in Berlin on April 25, 2018. (Director GMK “Khatyn” 1998-2008), Professor Touro College Berlin and Dr. Peter Jan (historian, former director of the German-Russian Museum Karlhorst) who discussed in the House of Democracy and Human Rights in front of a large audience.

The event, in which the representative of the Embassy of Belarus in Germany also took part. The focus of the evening was the fate of the burnt Belarusian villages. N.V. Kirillova spoke about the international project implemented by the Belarusian Peace Foundation “Social support to people who survived in the burnt Belarusian villages.1941-1944”, about the creation in 1969 of the memorial complex “Khatyn” – a monument to the residents of burned Belarusian villages and all people who died from the hands of the Nazis in the territory of Belarus.

Great interest in the audience was evoked by a story about the reconstruction carried out on behalf of the President of the Republic of Belarus in 2004, with elements of the restoration of the Khatyn memorial complex, as well as the opening of the first photographic documentary on the territory of the memorial.

Natalia Kirillova thanked the management and employees of KONTAKTE-KONTAKTA for their work in helping the burnt Belarusian villages and for giving them the opportunity to participate in the podium discussion, and also handed over to the professor Stefan Lenshtedt the album of the Belarusian Peace Foundation and the collection of documents “Khatyn: Tragedy and Memory” published In the project’s boundaries.

Professor Stefan Lenstaedt considered the forms of participation of all Nazi groups in crimes and talked about how racist ideology and pragmatic thinking were related to each other in the planning and execution of crimes and led to a high number of civilian casualties. After the podium discussion in a personal conversation, CONTACT employees reported that they are determined to continue the work begun by the founder of KONTAKTE-KOHTAKTA charitable organization Eberhard Radzuwait.

Recognition of the “forgotten” victims of the war unleashed as a result of Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union will remain one of the main tasks of KONTAKTE-KONTAKTA and the main focus will be on the survivors of the burned villages of Belarus.